Euthanasia and On-Site Cremation

At Lander Valley Animal Hospital we know there is a special bond between you and your animals. We all feel a responsibility to give dignity and grace to the end of a life. This final act of compassion is not an easy one for you and we know how important it will be for you and your family to have our care and support for your individual needs.

If you are facing end of life decisions with your pet, please call and talk to us about what this can involve. Home euthanasia within the Lander area is a service we provide to allow privacy and comfort. In addition, we sedate all pets prior to euthanasia to allow a peaceful and fear free passing. And for the convenience of pet owners in all of Fremont County, we offer on-site pet cremation, right here at the hospital. A selection of urns is available upon request.

The decision to euthanize a pet is a difficult one, and the most difficult choice a pet owner is asked to make. Further resources about euthanasia and pet loss can be found at the links below. Our doctors and staff understand and we are here to help you through this last act of compassion.


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